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2015 Boone Football Fundraising Cards

Dear Proud Supporters of Boone High School Football, Parents and Students,


Regrettably there was a misprint on the 2015 Boone High School Football card.  The 20% OFF Wing Shack offer expired in August of 2015.  The 2015-16 players card was accidently printed with the Wing Shack offer remaining on the card.   This unfortunate mistake was made solely by the vendor of the card, and through no fault of the management/owners/staff of the Wing Shack, nor any of the faculty/staff of Boone High School. 

The Wing Shack graciously accepted the cards for as long as they could, but due to the overwhelming response and your gracious support of the Boone High School Football program, they simply cannot continue to do so. 

As the vendor of these cards, we are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience our mistake has caused all of you and we are in the process of ordering corrected cards with the approved In-kind sponsors for this 2015 football season.  The replacement card will have a new offer which will include Gators Dockside of Sodo.   We will have the updated 2015-16 Boone High School Football cards available at Boone High School by the end of the September to replace at no charge. 

We sincerely apologize for this gross oversight and thank you for your continued support of the Boone High School Football program and the Wing Shack.  Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns at

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