Boone High School Athletics  

Boone Athletic Events

OCPS BADGES: The OCPS picture identification badge may be used to admit one person to a game or event.  The entry is good only for that person identified on the badge.  The only exception to this rule is that if one of the schools competing is the work location for that employee identified on the badge, then his/her spouse and immediate family members may be admitted.  The person whose name is on the badge must be in attendance.  This badge is not good for FHSAA state series events.

 PASSES: Passes for the games will be honored at the PASS GATE.  All current  FHSAA, FACA, METRO passes and PRESS passes will be honored.  2015-16 BHSAA All Sports Passes will also be honored with proper ID. Bus drivers, band members, cheerleaders in uniform and sponsors will be admitted with proper identification.

 PARKING: Parking is charged at Boone Varsity Football games only.  The charge for parking is $3.00 per car. 

 TICKET PRICES: The following ticket prices will be enforced at all Boone and OCPS events for the sports listed. Ticket prices are for regular season contests only and are dictated by OCPS and FHSAA guidelines. Ticket prices are valid for Kindergarten and up.

$6.00: Varsity Football & Freshman/JV Football Games

$5.00: Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Water Polo, Flag Football, Soccer, Track and Wresting

Free: Weightlifting, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Cross Country and Bowling

***Ticket Prices subject to change for Tournaments, Districts, Regional’s and State Competitions. BHSAA passes will not be accepted at any FHSAA state series or playoff event.